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  • I have questions about how necessary it was to fire at the woman in the first place.

    •if she’s in an empty lobby with her and her son, and two security officers, could they not have tried to negotiate and get the kid away first?

    •Did security actually see “materials consistant with manufacturing explosives” inside her trenchcoat before firing, or is that something they alleged after they shot a 7yo in the head. There were no explosives found on her body or at home.

    I know it’s hard to judge these situations, but I feel like there could have been a resolution where the kid doesn’t sacrificed by everyone involved.

  • That would have to be negotiated in the Police Union contracts. Same reason they can’t fire pedo teachers immediately, they are contractually obligated to keep paying them until they are investigated or found guilty.

    Most of these cops “retire” to end the internal investigation and keep their benefits, then decide to “unretire”, and get hired in the next town with a clean record.

    The police have one of the strongest unions in America, and almost no one bats an eye. But let Starbucks employees try to unionize and you’ll hear how greedy and corrupt unions are.