Marketplace investigation recorded technicians peeping on personal photos, browser history

    8 months ago

    Former tech at an indie shop (in the USA):

    I didn’t want to dig into people’s personal shit, especially not their niche porn collections.

    Browsing history was one thing we actually would look at in order to determine infection vector (when doing virus removal). We would usually counsel the customer on how to avoid it in the future. Obviously didn’t do that on non-virus issues because that would be wrong and a total waste of my limited time.

    The only time we would look at any images, erotic or not, is if they looked suspicious on a scan or by filename.

    Because of prior incidents, we also would check files that might be CSAM and report those to the cops. Usually a thumbnail in a scanner/explorer/etc program would bring that suspicion.

    I personally wouldn’t want any files from a customer PC, and the only USB I’d be using is the shop one with all the antivirus on it.